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2016 Submissions

Revolution Square (Metal) Heavy Metal Song
//And Now They're Here// Heavy Metal Song
Be Strong, Until We Meet Again Cinematic Song
Fireflies by the lake Ambient Song
Implied metric modulation Miscellaneous Song
Instrumental work in prog Cinematic Song
The time of Peace. Classical Song
Speed Composing Classical Song
Heavy rock beat Heavy Metal Song
Party Choon :D Dance Song
:D Testing new sounds :D Classical Song
I will let my friend name Classical Song
Mystep (skrew genres :D) Dubstep Song
30sec Something is coming Dubstep Song
City light trails (WIP) Drum N Bass Song
We Stand,worth dying for Classical Song
Shreddage test 3 Heavy Metal Song
untitled for now Classical Song
Goin back to beats! Hip Hop - Modern Song
Orchestral Dubstep WIP Dubstep Song
Orchestral Rock :DDDDD Miscellaneous Song
rock expiriment part 1 Miscellaneous Song
rspghse8t938 Miscellaneous Song
Trance track #2 Trance Song
Trance (you suggest name) Trance Song
Skyrim-ish theme Classical Song
track # 1242346256 Classical Song
Operation "Sandpaw" Classical Song
Song for friend Classical Song
Is this what we've been w Classical Song
Trance? House? Trance Song
symphobia orchestral t888 Classical Song
We will rebuild! (WIP) Classical Song
We wontbe struck down WIP Classical Song
wow when did i make this? Classical Song
Can't name it hrdstyl WIP Techno Song
A call to action. Classical Song
TSOSN t888 Epic Score fin Classical Song
TSOSN t888 Epic Score. Classical Song
The start ofsomething new Classical Song
Now or Never (Epic Score) Classical Song
:ddddddddd What Good Bro! Classical Song
Composition.. Classical Song
Simon house turned into D Classical Song
The war is starting [WIP] Classical Song
The Storm is Coming t888 Dance Song
shimmers of a dream Ambient Song
Once in this place.. -t888 Drum N Bass Song
drum and bass irjgliwu5enot724 Drum N Bass Song
chill edgy ambiant Video Game Loop
We Live for the music hardstyl Techno Song
Chill drum and bass (WIP) Drum N Bass Song
MultipleSymphonic progressions Classical Song
Rexdub [Xotik and t888 collab] Dubstep Song
Modern classical cont idea 1 Classical Song
Harddance t888 Dance Song
lead test 2 Dance Song
lead test 1!! Dance Song
rising action(somthinlikethat) Dance Song
Hermm i wonder whats going to2 Classical Song
hermm i wonder whats going to. Classical Song
Bow to Me O-Prime&t888 collab Hip Hop - Modern Song
how i feel... Classical Song
148657013854fjghlf Classical Song
so i continued this one track. Trance Song
this is why i dont make trance Trance Loop
a moment of greatness (wip) Classical Song
Hardcore WIP 2 comparison updt Dance Song
Hardcore WIP 2 Dance Song
simple trance wip1 Trance Song
dubnstep-house-trance 2 Dance Song
dubstep-house-trance-whatever House Song
Drum and bass wip 23450356 Drum N Bass Song
whatever the heck this is(wip) Dance Song
Melodic String music (WIP) Classical Song
|-Adrenaline-| t888 remix(WIP) Drum N Bass Song
150 bpm expiriment (wip2) Techno Song
150 bpm attempt (wip) Dance Song
just for Dan Muise Miscellaneous Song
UK happy hardcore attempt Techno Song
|-We won this-| [t888 remix] Hip Hop - Modern Song
orchestral (group version4:22) Hip Hop - Modern Song
hey bro check this out! Drum N Bass Song
orchestral rap beat 001 Hip Hop - Modern Song
Orchestral 1 (wip) Classical Song
Nameless sector WIP Drum N Bass Song
Modern Classical 2 (WIP) Classical Song
Color the Night (wip) Trance Song
Dubstep ambiance Dubstep Song
transmission 22x3 Drum N Bass Song
transmission 22x3 wip2 Drum N Bass Song
modern classical (trailor)wip3 Classical Song
Modern classical Miscellaneous Song
Symphony of the Clouds (RM) Ambient Song
God is Glorious (wip) Trance Song
dubstep-ish/dnb ambiant wip Drum N Bass Song
ambiance-ish dubstep concept Dubstep Song
instrumental rock prefinal 2 General Rock Song
instrumental rock + strings Miscellaneous Song
Guitars + drums + strings wip4 General Rock Song
|__+__Harddance WIP 4__+__| Dance Song
160bpm harddance demo3 Dance Song
Random Improv Harddance wip Dance Song
Raindrops hardstyle Numi +T888 Dance Song
|_+_Choir Hardstyle_+_|WIP2 Dance Song
|__+__Choir Hardstyle__+__|WIP Dance Song
The Stars are Singing Again Dance Song
demo's 1 Dance Loop
Another hardstyle test Dance Song
Grinning like a maniac hrdstyl Dance Song
We live for the music Hrdstyle Dance Song
DnP Drum and Piano [Demo] Drum N Bass Song
They seek to impose... (WIP) 2 Drum N Bass Song
We must rise again [hardstyle] Dance Song
They seek to impose... (WIP) Drum N Bass Song
T888+AF Color the Stars Trance Song
Amusing concept Miscellaneous Song
Flawed Piano Playing Classical Song
Hardstyle test #2 Techno Loop
Unnamed Happiness Trance Song
Yet another piano ambiance WIP Ambient Song
|_+_A New Dawn Awaits_+_| WIP Techno Song
Point of Transformation Miscellaneous Song
|_+_I wish i could forget_+_| Techno Song
Gazing at a Starry Night edit1 Ambient Song
|_+_Oppertunity Begins_+_| Dubstep Song
Just felt like playing piano Classical Song
|_+_The Onyx Grasp_+_| Miscellaneous Song
|_+_Vocal DnB (upd8d)_+_| Drum N Bass Song
Acoustic Drum and Bass demo Drum N Bass Song
Symphonic Showdown Drum N Bass Song
|_+_Oblivion (WIP)_+_| Techno Song
|_Gazing at a Starry Night_| Ambient Song
|_+_prospect045_+_| (WIP) Techno Song
|_+_bitterness_+_| (rev. 001) Drum N Bass Song
Dreamy Wanderer Ambient Song
Random Generic Hardcore Dance Song
Hardstyle vs DnB Drum N Bass Song
Symphony of the Clouds exp&ed Ambient Song
|_+_symphony of the clouds_+_| Ambient Song
|_+_prolonged decisions_+_| Ambient Song
|_+_classic vs synth_+_| Drum N Bass Song
|_+_dive_+_| Drum N Bass Song
|_+_classic vs synth_+_| (WIP) Drum N Bass Song
|_+_spooky_+_| (WIP) Drum N Bass Song
|_+_piano bass_+_| Drum N Bass Song
|_+_beat002_+_| Hip Hop - Modern Song
|_+_beat003_+_| Hip Hop - Modern Song
|_+_audiotest_+_| Miscellaneous Song
T888+AF - Lightspeed (wip) Trance Song
|_+_prospect031_+_| Ambient Song
|_+_piano ambiance test_+_| Ambient Song
|_+_20 seconds till_+_|(fin) Trance Song
|_+_no turning back_+_| Hip Hop - Modern Loop
|_+_20 seconds till_+_| Trance Song
|_+_night sky_+_|(WIP) Dance Song
|_+_piano002_+_| Ambient Song
|_+_mptikhtpp001_+_| Ambient Song
|_+_simple bells_+_| Ambient Song
|_+_unknown_+_| Drum N Bass Song
|_+_prospect016_+_| Drum N Bass Song
|_+_ambiance of night_+_| Ambient Loop
|_+_bitterness_+_| Drum N Bass Loop
|_+_perfect dreams_+_| Ambient Song
Beautiful Boo (tigger888 edit) Hip Hop - Modern Song
|_+_intensity_+_| (complete) Drum N Bass Song
|_+_union_+_| Drum N Bass Loop

2009 Submissions

simple symphony Classical Loop
hardcore synth Trance Song
melly Drum N Bass Song