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2010-06-13 02:29:19 by tigger888

I jsut got z3ta! It is the BEST sounding synth ive EVER heard. It beats the heck out of everything else, and its only 8 mb to boot! I think you all will be hearing a little bit of z3ta in all my new tunes!

Someone just...

2010-06-08 20:42:57 by tigger888

Someone just went and 0'ed all the tunes that i had in the top 30, just because they wanted to be up there so bad. I don't understand, if something is THAT horrible you could at least say WHY it was horrible and vote 0. Oh well, hope whoever did that will enjoy their "victory" scince if you have to resort to measures like this, you must be completely deprived of any other satisfaction and/or self control.
And thats the end of my little rant ^^