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For anyone that actually READS this xD

2010-08-21 04:43:27 by tigger888

I am working on a new tune, i have a pretty decent start, i hope to ake it better! I am personally quite content with it. Should finish it sometime soon so stay tuned!


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2010-08-22 22:26:42

yeaaaaaaah cant wait!!!! -dances-

tigger888 responds:

Thanks man! xD You have no idea how encouraging that was xD


2010-09-13 01:44:59

"Should finish it sometime soon" lol awesome :)
Also.. for the other readers.. commentators.. Tigger888 is now a Trial artist for
5Line Records. Big round of applause :)


2010-10-05 06:37:50

Hey man, is MYDboi srs? Go nuts man. Go fucking nuts!