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2010-09-17 21:08:41 by tigger888

23 people must've accidentally clicked the favorite artist button. I don't think that i have made anything good enough to warrant this kind of reaction. On another note i am going to slow down on pumping out tracks. I am not going to write anything unless i pour out emotion into whatever i am going to make. I will try raising my production quality and start actually mastering my tracks. Also i might start going back to my older stuff and remaking or enhancing good but poorly executed concepts! So stay tuned guys!


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2010-10-05 06:35:24

Good method. Some people can churn out tracks one after another, but after a whole they become all the same and stale. Take your time. Even when you think a song is ready, put it on your mp3 player or listen to it every day after school or work or whatever, think about what could improve, what doesn't work so well, and come back to it and make some changes.

tigger888 responds:

Thanks, i will try to do that more, right now i have been pumping out alot of hardstyle because i am learning how to make it, now i want to get down how to make the intro's to the track...


2010-11-04 22:01:24

I've been doing some re-master/re-mix downs of mine as well. Good luck I say.


2010-11-26 22:59:59

what do you do to make such good hardstyle music?

tigger888 responds:

I think its quite simple, i have good sounding kick samples (which i did not make) and i know the magic arp pattern for hardstyle riffs, and i just automate everything and anything, add pads, strings, choirs, piano for epic breakdown then filter in the main lead and kick with some kickbutt melody. Trick is to select 1/3 step on the piano roll thingey. then you make the main melody be 2/3long and make the bass part of the riff be 1/3 long, so you get the hardstyle melody! I just started though, there should better tuts on youtube though!


2011-01-09 00:19:06

wow 34 now, thanks alot guys!


2011-01-19 06:40:21

I'd be one those people...and I don't regret it.

tigger888 responds:

O_O I hope i can keep making even better tracks every time! Thanks alot!!


2011-01-28 20:06:42

Kinda modest at the extreme there buddy.