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2011-02-21 05:32:54 by tigger888

I haven't posted anything in a while, i am planning on making some more strings+choirs+drums and electric guitar, movie preview type music. I also might attempt some mure dubstep-ish stuff, and i am going to try trance (again). Hope you guys like the music, and if you do, Glory to God, he is the one who gives talent and ability.

should i make a bandcamp account to sell my music? i want to buy some better software. but even if i do make a bandcamp account i will still most likely upload full quality tracks 320/kbs or higher here on newgrounds. i hate it when artists upload poor quality version and then charge for full quality.


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2011-02-22 06:52:00

Agreed. Good luck!


2011-03-11 13:50:44

Hey. Are you still on here?

tigger888 responds: