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that was wack...(jk)

lol OKAAY!!

friggin sick

awesome movie, it would also make it better if there was an enemy equal to him or if he was resourceful(using others weapons or smartnes) . other than that friggin sick ending. all my 10 are belong to this


LO F***ing L, funny as heck! good job man

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a very well donr game, i like teh supermonkey with lazer eyes


very fun time waster, i liked teh upgrades, it would be sick if you could make a aequal to this game with more upgrades and units

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What if you try turning lyric volume down slightly and cut the mids a little in the vocals and add perhaps a little bit of reverb. Perhaps you could also bring up the highs in the vocals a tad too and see how it sits in the mix then!

Kwing responds:

I'll screw around with the mix a bit if I have time (which is unlikely with college starting up.) These are good suggestions, I was really unhappy with the mastering to be honest.

In all your other tracks you seem to have an overabundance of bass, here this track needs MOAR. Get a simple sub sine, pitch it low and do some nice basslines. I actually rather like the concept, people voting low on this don't understand how dope this can sound with a few modifications. If you are using FL studio you can send me the zip file and I can toy with it and send it back. Dig the concept voted 5.


ryzikx responds:

Dang, thanks for leaving detailed reviews, no one seems to review my tracks :D

Turn the ride down a little, bring out the plucks more, EQ the bass so its not covering the middle frequencies. You want the bass dancing in the low end. If you want to have a high freq element to the bass, layer a different sound in and EQ it so its not all over the place. I think if you clean up that bass and low pitched synth the track will instantly sound 10x better. You have nice patterns :D, keep it up.


ryzikx responds:

I like the rides. Dang. xd thanks for the tips, though! :)

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